Cvltvre Bead Floral Patterns

My late grandmother Gracie Herodier Orr was a well-known crafter. From her love of creating, she always was amazing at sketching. She created quite a lot of her own patterns. When flipping through them, it was first to decide my tattoos to honour her. 
Now, after picking up beading - I can distinguish which patterns are for embroidery and beadwork. Every time I flip through this binder of patterns, I am always so impressed. Gracie was truly a master at what she did. I know this for sure because I still see her patterns being used on mittens, mocs and other crafts. 

It brings a smile on my face to see a reminder of her when I pass by someone with her pattern on their mittens. In fact, my fiancé's mom had mocs with one of her patterns when I first met them. Gracie gave her patterns for free, which inspired me to do the same through Cvltvre Bead. 

To honour Gracie further, please enjoy these free png downloads of my own patterns I have created. 

Disclaimer: ONLY FOR BEADWORK, EMBROIDERY AND QUILLWORK. Not to be used on promotional material. Whoever uses these patterns must give credit to Cvltvre Bead. If you use these patterns, you may sell your work: just credit Cvltvre Bead. Designs by: Catherine Orr, Cvltvre Bead

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