New Year, New Patterns - Yay!

As we are near the end of 2021, I realized we haven't released any new patterns this year. As we are facing the evolving situation of the pandemic, I figured it was a good time to release some now. I put a lot of good energy into these designs, and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed creating them. 
When creating designs, I usually fill in the space. You may remove some elements to fit your beading style, and current skill. 
New type of design: The long floral is inspired by moose hide gauntlet mittens, you may use this for necklaces also. Or anywhere you may need a designs thats long horizontally. You're more than welcome to use parts of it for earrings, or vamps. 

As usual, please tag us! This helps getting your work seen, and also can help others who want to practice on a free Indigenous design. #cvltvreflorals
Please give us credit when using these designs, and also you may sell your work if you use any. Limited to beadwork, embroidery, quillwork and sewing. 

If you print these designs, you are not allowed to sell them. Please give these designs for free if printing. NOT for use on promotional material of any kind.




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