Something Old, Something New...

The inspiration to start an online bead store began through my late Grandmother, who opened a little store in her basement in Chisasibi, Quebec. I could just see the vintage decor, warm lighting, and a warm soul helping you pick what you need.
My grandmother, Gracie Herodier Orr was a master crafter. Everything she did, she put all her heart and soul into it. Quilts, moccasins, a baby's walking out ceremony outfit, and anything beaded. She never expected payment, and it was all done through the good of her heart. 
I was only two when she passed, and the physical pieces of her still remain in our family. Beaded moose hide bowls, baby quilts, little blankets and furniture she made for her granddaughters barbies. Everyone that knew her, loved her. 
With that in mind, for myself, I see the importance of gifting. Though we may pass on, we can leave little treasures in our family. Leaving behind memories, a connection to the generation before us. 
I hope that some of the items you purchase from Cvltvre Bead can help you create memories with family and friends. Whether its sitting around with tea and beading, or your kids watch you tack down the last row of beads - it's all culture. It's medicine. 

As we progress, we will be uploading videos and more blog posts. Topics will include reviews, creating pieces using the items in the store, and whatever else that's beading/crafting related. We're very excited to start.

Thank you for dropping by, feel free to comment/share. We appreciate it.

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